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View of the road along the coast from the drone. Travel by car in summer time.

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Vehicle TypeSeatsCurrency1 Day3 Days5 Days7 DaysExtra day after 3 daysBooking
Fiat Panda Hybrid
470,00/80,00 (Low/High season)176,00/203,00 (Low/High season)273,00/314,00 (Low/High season)333,00/383,00 (Low/High season)53,00/61,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
Renault Clio
580,00/90,00 (Low/High season)202,00/232,00 (Low/High season)312,00/359,00 (Low/High season)381,00/438,00 (Low/High season)61,00/70,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
Renault Megane SW Automatic
590,00/100,00 (Low/High season)234,00/270,00 (Low/High season)373,00/429,00 (Low/High season)499,00/574,00 (Low/High season)69,00/79,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
Renault Clio Automatic
585,00/95,00 (Low/High season)217,00/250,00 (Low/High season)337,00/388,00 (Low/High season)416,00/478,00 (Low/High season)66,00/76,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
FIAT 500 Cabriolet Manual/Automatic
490,00/100,00 (Low/High season)234,00/270,00 (Low/High season)373,00/429,00 (Low/High season)499,00/574,00 (Low/High season)69,00/79,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
Dacia Jogger 7 seats
5/795,00/105,00 (Low/High season)245,00/282,00 (Low/High season)389,00/447,00 (Low/High season)518,00/596,00 (Low/High season)72,00/83,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
Renault Trafic 9 seats
9110,00/120,00 (Low/High season)262,00/300,00 (Low/High season)412,00/474,00 (Low/High season)542,00/623,00 (Low/High season)84,00/97,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
Sym ST
240,00/50,00 (Low/High season)115,00/132,00 (Low/High season)190,00/218,00 (Low/High season)250,00/288,00 (Low/High season)38,00/44,00 (Low/High season)BOOK
  • Low season from January to June and from October to December
  • High season from July to September

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